Our Sculptors

Isobel Smith MRSS

Stopping to sniff life, lick it, or roll and rub up against it
Contact telephone
07904 208135
Digital / Light / Sound
Installation / Land / Site-specific
Found Objects
Mixed media
South East

‘Performance is at the root of my practice. I explore my surroundings viscerally, often by means of ridiculous or desperate actions designed to erase my rational head and reconnect with the nonhuman world, both external and within myself. Sometimes working with familiar everyday objects, or in nature and the countryside, to challenge anthropocentrism and attempt to get closer, merge with the materials and look out of the eyes of these strange hybrid forms.

Modern human conventions would have us walking down the middle of our lives, not stopping to sniff or lick it, or roll and rub up against it. Age and gender further close these norms and I’m passionate about using performance and sculpture to kick them up and shake off my tamed and civilised self.’