Figurative / Realism


Found Objects

Mixed media





I want to keep the archetypal symbolism beyond the survival of clothing as mortal flesh. Weaved guns, military insignia and initials create a narrative while alluding to my inner thoughts of violence and nonconformism. Butcher my sublime made-up characters/cut-up garments, hanging contorted, lumpen bodies with exposed seams like scars, engulfing the crossings and divergences of this psycho-affective unspoken warfare. Mementoes of previous selves, hanging freely or stuffed and sewn closed to suggest a human form, hanging as emblems of violence,  intimacy and methodical repair by reviving the discarded and remould neo-punk au courant fetishes. An array reminiscent of an abattoir that critically reimagines environments and characters that serve as allegorical social taxidermy, the installation serves as an autopsy that spans themes of transformation, subjugation, identity pain and intersectionality.’

Irene Pouliassi (b.Greece) holds a Master’s Integrated in Painting (2016) from the Fine Arts School of Greece and in 2018 she continued her studies at Chelsea College of Arts, University of the Arts London, graduating with a Master’s in Fine Arts. She has exhibited work and participated in projects internationally including Athens, New York, London, Taipei, Seoul and Milan, as well as institutionally at Tate Modern (London, UK), Sejong Museum of Art (Seoul, South Korea), Jing Lu Gallery (Taipei, Taiwan), Cica Museum (Incheon, South Korea) and more. She is represented by Peritechnon Karteris Gallery, Athens and is a resident artist at the Bomb Factory Foundation. As of 2021, she is a Member of the Royal Society of Sculptors.