Our Sculptors

Henry Richardson MRSS

Henry Richardson innovated a method of chiselling and bonding enormous sheets of plate glass into monumental, yet ethereal, crystalline forms, a method which he continues to refine.
Mixed media

Richardson has developed a unique technique of sculpting in the quintessentially modern medium of plate glass. He combines traditional tools of stone sculpting with recent technological innovations in bonding glass, hand cutting, hand chiseling, and carefully sanding individual sections of glass which he welds into complex constructions with acrylic polymers and ultraviolet light. The resulting forms appear light and ethereal, their mass masked by their radiance. Because the chiseled edges both reflect and refract the ambient light, interacting with the interior planes of the piece as well as its environment, the static form are constantly at play, shifting and changing in response to the viewer's angle and the surrounding light. This subtle animation invites contemplation, like a fire, or clouds, or bodies of water.