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Gordon Senior MRSS

Gordon Senior’s practice is concerned with man’s relationship with nature, landscape and those we share the planet with: plants, animals and birds.
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East of England

Recent sculptures show grains and grasses, cast in bronze or white cement, embedded in boulder-like forms. These represent moments in a plant’s lifecycle and invite consideration of evolution, natural selection, cultivation, and the plant’s significance as a food source.

The cast barley, wheat, oats and grasses can include the root formation as well as the part of the plant that appears above the surface of the soil.

A range of different and contrasting materials is used and though modeling and casting is at the core of his practice, he also carves and constructs as appropriate to a particular work or series.

Recently work has been exhibited at Lancaster Museum of Art and History, California, Don Soker Contemporary Art, San Francisco, the Art Institute, San Diego, Crocker Art Museum, Sacramento, Berkeley Art Center, California and ICA in San Jose. More recently at Carnegie Art Centre and Art Space on Main, California State University Stanislaus. In the UK work has been included in Inspired by Birds, Norwich Castle Museum, Cley 17 Contemporary Exhibition and Waveney Valley Sculpture Trail, Raveningham.