Our Sculptors

Emily Young FRSS

Emily Young is 'Britain's greatest living stone carver' (Financial Times 2015)

Working in the age old tradition of stone carving by hand and bringing a thoroughly contemporary and wide ranging knowledge base, she uses the wild history of the planet to inform her studio work, with some pieces weighing over 20 tons, whi
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Figurative / Realism
Installation / Land / Site-specific
Found Objects

Emily Young was born in London, brought up in Britain and Italy and attended Stoney Brook University, New York, USA, Saint Martin's School of Art, London and Chelsea School of Art, London. She lives and works in Italy and the UK.

She is represented in Britain by Bowman Sculpture, 6 Duke Street St James, London SW 6BN 44.207 930 0277

Her work is in many public and private collections: permanent installations include:
The Imperial War Museum, London; Paternoster Square (St Paul's Cathedral), London; Salisbury Cathedral; La Defense, Paris; Artemis, London; Standard Investments, Paris; Standard Life, Edinburgh; University of Notre Dame, Chicago, USA; Loyola University USA, National Bank of Luxembourg, Head Office Luxembourg.