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Elfrieda Lusty MRSS

I am a Sculptor/Painter I live in London I work from my West London Studio. I trained in Vienna, Richmond College of Art, Kensington and Chelsea College and St.Martins School of Art.
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Architectural / Monumental / Relief
Mixed media

My work is modernist and abstract. I work with a variety of materials. I weld steel,construct brass copper and most metals which fit into a particular field of sculpture. I work with a complete freedom of form to express a strong physical movement which allows me to capture the energy and spirit of bodies in motion. I often use topical events to freeze the movement of time not only in form but also in content. My paintings are abstract, sculpturally 3D through varying the surface textures. I abstract form and colour of the natural landscape by remodelling the real perspective and creating through my own colour mixes a purified, infinite, and unencumbered space which on a new and exciting dimension. I have exhibited frequently both in one man and group shows mainly in Central London and surrounding areas. I am a member of the Chelsea Arts Society and a number of other societies.