Architectural / Monumental / Relief







Eleni Maragaki is a visual artist born in Athens, Greece and based in London, UK. She studied Painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts (2013-2018) and MA Fine Art in Central Saint Martins, UAL (2020-2022), with distinction, as a recipient of the Mona Hatoum Bursaries Award. She is the Winner of the Muse Residency Award and the Tate Christmas Card Competition and she was shortlisted for the Maison/0 Sustainability Award. She has taken part in numerous exhibitions including a screening in LUX Moving Image, London and a group show in the Art Station Dubulti, Latvia.

Her art practice engages with the idea of geometry as a fundamental language, that both systemises the urban environment and provides a means of comprehending the natural one. She examines the structure, system and materiality of the geometric form in its natural or artificial state, as something that strives to outlive the mortal nature of the human. Her research is focused towards bridging the dichotomy between urban construction and the natural environment, as  for her, architecture should be in constant dialogue with the landscape. The observation of the city lies at the core of her work and as a response to the densely manufactured urban space, she is inspired by the delicacy found in the system of natural structures, including chemical elements and crystals.

Her objects are handmade to precision striving to get as close as possible to a manufactured result, as she critically thinks about the mechanical accuracy in contrast to the imperfection of the human touch. The visualisation of the theoretical research is of equal importance with the practical aspect of her art. Her process involves continuous tests, trials and errors through the creation of large-scale drawings, which are considered as part of the final work.