Our Sculptors

Dorte Kloppenborg-Skrumsager MRSS

Danish sculptor working and living in London. Educated at Chelsea College of Art.
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Figurative / Realism

Dorte’s practice works with our search for meaning and belonging; such as our pursuit for a true identity and the feeling of authenticity. The work also deals with how our multi-cultural and technological inter-connected world challenges our basic human nature.

Our past, our present and future hopes and dreams are all parts of us. We handle these different parts and times by flowing between them. We flow between roles and identities in our every day life. I am a mum, a daughter, a sister, a wife, a student, an artist, a friend and so on. All these units function and live in one person – one identity. This requires flexibility, flow, time and balance all recurring themes in the sculptures represented in the bronze and the wood.

Philosophy and philosophical thinking is a very important part of the practice. The existentialists in particular, as their work deal with identity and authenticity, more specifically than any of the others.