Our Sculptors

Dick Onians FRSS

I have been practising as a professional sculptor since 1968. I am an award winning teacher and a published author.
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Nearly all my sculptures start as carvings in wood or stone. The subject is sometimes derived from natural forms and sometimes from mathematical ideas of proportion or geometrical figures which I develop into organic shapes. Many are concerned with the theme of endlessness and continuous renewal. In recent years it has been particularly rewarding to see my smaller pieces much enlarged.

Carving satisfies me because I love the physical activity and because of the way in which ideas and problems with the material emerge during the process of searching for the intended shape. This induces a collaboration between me and the material which gives the completed piece a life of its own. I try to make forms that never would have existed but for me. I have an inner compulsion to create shapes. Making sculptures is my way of celebrating life.

My sculptures appear in public and private collections in Great Britain and around the world. Many have been reproduced in bronze or resin casts.