Architectural / Monumental / Relief


Digital / Light / Sound

Installation / Land / Site-specific




Mixed media






With a particular look at the topics, methodologies and contents of research in the work processes, I often form a connection between drawing and sculpture installation, using the geometry of the room to create a new transitional occupation on space. It consists of a spatial intervention, composed of pieces through which I propose to outline and structure the exhibition space that should be read as a window that opens and closes over the processes of elaboration of the work of art, which then become the final work. In it, I reveal thoughts on editing and building "space", showing an umbilical relationship with architecture. This is manifested in the deep concern for issues of space, volume and surface, manifesting multiple connections between plastic arts, architecture and literature, theory and practice, drawing and colour, shapes and contents.

In my exhibitions I show a variety of materials and stimuli that converge in the construction of the pieces. These involve systems of construction, deconstruction and reconstruction, which require the viewer in a subtle and intuitive exercise that crosses the field of sensitivity, but also on the part of intellectuality, putting into perspective what is before it, affecting the whole perceptual system, from the eye to the skin.