Our Sculptors

Daniel Blom MRSS

Daniel Blom is a London and Cape Town based installation and figurative sculptor, working mainly in high-density polyethylene and mixed media.
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The body and its partialised components are chosen to translate the concept of order into text and sculpture. As a unit of visceral and conceptual ideas, it is repeated regularly and methodically.

In the closed and isolative system of the installation space, figurative and abstract structures made of wood, steel and high-density polyethylene, function in rooms that contribute to their circumscribed quality and the concern of the work with process, objectification and meaning while focusing on relational, contrastive and reductive aspects. Often fragmented and deconstructed, invoking the idea of distortion and inchoation, an existential stressed aspect is being introduced by which the work is constantly being reasserted.

The self-referential works are semantically complex, elucidative, even poetic while concentrating on the seriality of the conceptual idea, forming in essence a visual theoretical formula which, by means of a prescribed iconography, provides the information relevant to meaning.