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Clee Claire Lee MRSS

Focusing on the periphery of experience, Clee explores states of betweenness through ethereal sculpture, immersive wire installations and body-work. She collaborates with dance artists, and with the artists collective, Material Voice, who work with cultural institutions to increase the visibility of women sculptors.
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Installation / Land / Site-specific
Found Objects
Mixed media
Yorkshire and the Humber

In her work, Clee explores liminal states, focusing on the edge of materiality.  She does this through creating ethereal sculpture, immersive and site-sensitive installation, dance and collaborative working.  Transience and transition are common themes as she attempts to capture the periphery of experience.  Her favourite medium is steel wire, and she welds or weaves this intuitively and organically into large amorphous forms.  Her body is important in the work’s creation, intimately connecting with it through meticulous manipulating, and she hopes for the viewer to connect with their own body on encountering her work.

Liminal themes are sometimes complemented with non-material elements such as light/shadow, sound and movement, which can bring the work alive. She likes to work site-specifically, collaborating with sensory cues as well as with artists of different disciplines, to stretch the dimensions of her sculpture. Her most recent projects have sought to convey the more sinister invisible forces that influence our feelings and behaviour.