Our Sculptors

Christine Kowal Post MRSS

Christine Kowal Post is based in East Sussex and practises direct carving into wood, as well as making reliefs. Her painted carvings have been cast into bronze or aluminium. Her work is figurative, expressive, and concerned with the human condition.

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Figurative / Realism
South East

I enjoy the challenge of using a traditional yet essentially restrictive technique to explore radical ideas through the figurative and narrative. My earlier work was concerned with exploring the visual representation of women in society, their changing role and female stereotypes. For example in my ‘Amazons’ and ‘Witches’, I explore violence in relation to sex, gender, and myths and the role that biology plays in our destiny. At the same time I describe my own sense and experience of what it is to be female. I also investigate our relationship with the world around us and I use the iconography of myths, legends, and stories, through aspects of art and cultural history to examine issues which help us understand the human condition.

Evolution provides explanations for much of our behaviour and attitudes towards gender, outsiders, and non-human animals and I am currently developing my art practice to reflect my interest in science, ethics, and the environment.