Our Sculptors

Chris Drury FRSS

A land Artist making connections to place and context.
South East

My work makes connections between different phenomena in the world, specifically between Nature and Culture, Inner and Outer and Microcosm and Macrocosm. To this end I collaborate with scientists and technicians from a broad spectrum of disciplines and use whatever visual means, technologies and materials best suit the situation. I make large site specific, land works outside, some of which are architectural,  I also make installations inside, video works and works on paper. My work is featured in many Key Land Art Survey books in the UK and America.

Recent projects include a British Antarctic Survey residency in Antarctica, and an exhibition about place, ecology and politics at The Nevada Museum of Art called Mushrooms|Clouds. Over the last decade I have been working with clinicians to make links between systems in the body and systems on the planet and I continue to travel and respond to diverse requests for collaborations.