Installation / Land / Site-specific


Found Objects


Metal (other)

Mixed media



South West


Although I use an array of different materials, I am drawn to use paper for its instant transformational possibilities; the materiality of paper and its ability to create an embodied presence when folded and formed, moves it away from being a support for image-making.

Sources of inspiration include the micro/macro in nature, the processes of perception and the relationship between the physical, psychological and the spiritual. Within these broad themes, transformation, inter-connectivity and energy are key.

I am drawn to the Japanese Wabi Sabi aesthetic in seeing the beauty of things incomplete, impermanent and imperfect. In metaphysical terms, Wabi Sabi implies that the universe is in constant motion either evolving from nothingness or dissolving towards it. Yet ‘nothingness’ is not believed to be empty, but a soup of unlimited creative possibilities. I have studied fine art at Cardiff Met., Wimbledon School of Art and the Arts University Bournemouth to Masters level.