Our Sculptors

Caro Burberry MRSS

Caro Burberry is an exhibiting artist specialising in hot-poured metal sculpture.
Contact telephone
+44 (0)7903 898 804 caro@caroburberry.com
West Midlands
“My work is concerned with themes of nature connectedness and identity; It explores a sense of joined destiny and belonging between humans and the rest of the natural world."

A lifelong artist with a strong background in printmaking and drawing, Caro Burberry received a classical training at The Frink School of Figurative Sculpture.

She discovered her love for creating sculpture in hot-poured metal while working collaboratively with artists, foundries, museums and universities in the UK and USA.

“I have a hand in all processes from sketch to sculpture whether the artwork is small, life-size or beyond. The scale of my work is dictated by theme, unfolding ideas and where I am in the world.”

Complementing her own studio practice, Caro has led specialist creative workshops for over 25 years and been a guest lecturer at De Montfort University. Her sculptures cast in bronze and iron are commissioned and exhibited worldwide.