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Bruce Gernand FRSS

The features of an interior experience finding embodiment in sculptural form; the virtual finding expression in the actual; exploring the relationship between the digital and the material.
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East of England

Bruce Gernand has been working with 3D computer modelling for some years. The concern is always to embody these virtual explorations in sculptural form. This method of working is a kind of subject matter reflecting the all pervasive digital technology haunting our lives but which is grounded in the material world. This journey involves working with abstract forms, representations of the architectural, and zoological references of transformation.

Formerly head of sculpture at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, Gernand continues an academic connection through a Research Fellowship. He has been in receipt of numerous awards from a Henry Moore Foundation Fellowship to, most recently, an AHRC award supporting work with the Natural History Museum and the Cambridge Computer Lab.