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South East


The Human form, in particular the portrait, and a compulsive enquiry of matter fuels my creativity, often using a material’s history or experience to lead a sculptural investigation.
My work is concerned with identity and a personal obsession of revealing the concealed, exposing the discarded and the overlooked, repairing the broken and exploring ideas of duality. 
I try to translate an inner being through a disrupted surface, creating new and different visual conversations.
Processes of destruction and repair investigate aspects of trauma and healing, rejuvenation and change. 
From figurative realism to material led abstraction I am discovering ways of paralleling the process of making with altered states and adapted minds in a quest to explore what it is to be human.
The formality of ancient Egyptian art, the classicism of Bernini, the madness of Messerschmitt, 
philosophy and allegory are my inspirations.

Born in Northumberland in 1965, Billie Bond grew up in Essex and continues to live there now. An early career in nursing gave her an appreciation of human anatomy, which she considers sensitively in her figurative representations. 

Elected Member of Royal Society of Sculptors and the Society of Portrait Sculptors.

Winner of the RSS Marchmont House residency.

​Billie gained an MA in Sculptural Practice 2016 and a 1st class Honours Degree in 3D Design 2011 at Colchester School of Art. She was also awarded a research residency at the Henry Moore Institute Leeds. 
Billie won the Pure Arts Sculpture Prize in 2013, with the winning piece A Link With The Past being exhibited in a curated space at Saatchi Gallery, London as part of the Strarta art fair. The work is now part of the Birth Rites collection residing at Kings College, London.
After a residency at Chelmsford Museum in Essex, her work A Portrait Of Chelmsford was accepted into the Chelmsford museum's collection. The work, a series of sculptures of local people, represents the cultural identity of Chelmsfordians in 2011.

Billie has work in private and public collections all over the world.