Installation / Land / Site-specific


Mixed media




My practice explores sculptural process and form, works have involved casting and evisceration, fabrication and simulation. Here evisceration relates to the process of removal from a cast and a metaphor for disembodiment.
I am intrigued by how formative experience can surface in work in ways that can be unsettling and cathartic. In an attempt to process experiences that relate to ambiguous loss and abandonment I have referenced toys and clinical equipment making works that are both humorous and disconcerting

Recent works have been collaborative, intimate and distant, about exchange, the notion of a gift that exists as a memory.
It is this exchange exploring both dissemination and reception that has become a focus.
The work explores mutability taking on a number of different forms that reflect different performative moments in the emergence of the project. This results in outcomes that are both experiential and imagined. The work exists in a heterotopic space between the actual and the imagined, between here and there.

This work encapsulates through a process of abstraction the formative and experiential. It relates to loss, to absence and presence and is an attempt to make palpable and connect these two moments.