Our Sculptors

Barbara Beyer MRSS

Barbara Beyer’s sculptures show a great clarity in form and often resemble almost archetypical shapes, however imperfections and fragmentation, balance and tension evoke ambiguous feelings of sturdiness and vulnerability at the same time.
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Architectural / Monumental / Relief
Installation / Land / Site-specific
Found Objects
Mixed media

Sculpture is a powerful medium to explore elementary themes concerning our human experiences in regard to our environment and in regard to our own sense of bearing and balance.

In my current work I am reflecting on themes of landscapes real and imagined and our perception and interference with our environment. I am interested in traces of human interventions with landscape and in structures bearing witness to our negotiation with space and passage.

I never try to conclude a narrative or aim for an explicit interpretation in my work. I try to create interventions or sculptures that have an anticipation of possibility about them and allow the mind to discover and be taken places. This can be encouraged through physical encounters as in the chair series of my earlier work or in contemplation of a sculptural configuration. In both I seek the confrontation with a physical object that should leave you with a sense of wonder without the need to be resolved in a narrative but with the possibility to evoke new perspectives.