South East


Babette Adrian studied sculpture in Berlin under Professor Schmettau. She lives, works and exhibits in Britain, France and Germany.

Babette’s “magical expressionism” alters reality subtly by using familiar elements to carry other messages.

Typical of her work is a strong, palpable presence with a sense of drama – which finds expression in involved compositions that are balanced by more minimal simplicity in her abstract work. Seduction of the eye through the familiar is an entry point to alienated reality and new thought processes. The objective as manifestation of substance, substantial energy as forming factor of substance, - aural presence manifested in the apparent, relative “real” is what she aims to create. Walter Benjamin defines aura as ‘the unique phenomenon of a distance, however close (something) may be” - a beautiful way to define the intangible that is hard to describe. It is what defines a presence in space and it is what defines her work.