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Anthony Turner MRSS

Anthony Turner’s iconic stone carvings celebrate life in all its complexity, lending timeless presence and joyful meaning to the spaces they occupy.
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South West

Anthony Turner was born in Kenya in 1959. As a child, he roamed freely through the African bush around the coffee farm which was his home until aged seventeen. He studied psychology at Exeter University, travelled widely through the stone-carving civilizations of the world, became a painter and sculptor, and was assistant to Peter Randall-Page from 1991-1994. Now based in Devon, his work ranges from vast stone seats to tiny bronzes which fit in the palm of your hand.

“I’m trying to make sacrosanct these simple fruits and humble vegetables, chipping them up into a new longevity in stone. Peas, acorns, mangoes, leaves, and beans all throb with an energy contained in superbly refined and evolved forms. I feel compelled to search out the potent essence of each, to give them a renewed grandeur, so they become familiar household deities which speak of an infinite and regenerative source of life.”