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Anne Mercedes MRSS

Anne Mercedes is a London-based sculptor. She explores the contradictions due to our condition of human beings caught in different scales of time and space. She makes abstract sculptures and installations that embody tension.
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Installation / Land / Site-specific

My work is concerned with embodying tensions.

As human beings, we are caught in different scales of time and space: it is both a thrilling and disquieting perspective that is constantly present in my mind and informs all my practice.
In engaging with materials, I make use of their inner logic to put into tangible form what they help me to feel and understand about the universe, its components and its inhabitants. In engaging with specific sites and people living in them or with them, I investigate into their history to convey visually what I guess is caracteristic of their relation.

My work is represented in public collections such as the French National Museum of Ceramics (Sèvres-Cité de la céramique), the Ariana museum in Geneva (Switzerland), the World Ceramic Exhibition Foundation (South Korea), and the Museum Terra in Kikinda (Serbia). I am the 2010 recipient of the Brian Mercer Bronze residency.