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Anne Deeming MRSS

Anne Deeming is a Bristol based artist. Her practice explores the gaps between sculpture, design, and craft using found materials, casting, and wood to create works for both the gallery and the public realm.
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Found Objects
South West

In my practice I am investigating the emotive power of objects that we use in our daily lives. The objects I design and make look familiar and usable in some way ā€“ and yet are not. They exist as amalgamations of everyday utilitarian objects with features that can trigger multiple associations with something you have used or seen before. Through the works manufacture contradictory notions of the handmade mass produced object are brought to the fore - although they appear identical, small differences in thickness or surface marks indicate each object as handcrafted, and not machine made ā€“ and this is essential to the work. Iā€™m interested in the areas of slippage between the familiar and foreign, domestic and industrial, the useful and useless and exploring the gaps between sculpture, contemporary design, and applied arts.