Our Sculptors

Alice Cunningham MRSS

Alice Cunningham has a diverse practice working with a breadth of mediums and is most commonly known for her sculptural carvings and work in social engagement. Alice is equally passionate about concept and materiality in her work. She has exhibited widely throughout the UK and internationally.
Installation / Land / Site-specific
Found Objects
Metal (other)
Mixed media
South West

Most recently she was selected by Dimitri Ozerkov contemporary art curator of The Hermitage, St Petersburg to represent the UK for a major new commission in Italy. She currently has a solo show at the University of Bristol which is the culmination of a six month residency at the School of Earth Sciences under the investigative title, What does climate change look like?

In 2017, Alice was commissioned to create a new integrated public art piece in Stoke On Trent around issues of the housing crisis. In 2015 she was selected by the Royal Society of Sculptors for a residency in a prestigious marble-carving studio in Italy using the quarry that Michelangelo established. In 2015 Alice also had her first solo

exhibition at the Royal Society of Sculptors, London. In 2014, selected to take part in the “Art, Cities, Landscape” project in Amiens, France, Alice worked with a landscape designer to transform an island in the River Somme.

"My fascination with people and our material engagement with the world around us makes me endeavor to create work that is as inclusive as possible. I am interested in ways of communicating, the ways we interact with and understand our surroundings”