Our Sculptors

Alexander Devereux MRSS

Sculpture, painting and installations made using contemporary materials and methods that allude to 19th century industrial forms.
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Architectural / Monumental / Relief
Installation / Land / Site-specific
Metal (other)
Mixed media

This was an era in which an object's functionality was considered as important as its aesthetic. Inspired by original production methods of this era my work is made from modern engineered wood products, metallic colours and strongly-defined repeated lines, I employ techniques to give the impression of heavy corroded metal. As a result my art practice creates contradictions: permanence vs. transience, utilitarian vs. useless, the industrial past vs. the modern, and real vs. theatrical. This tension forms the basis of my current and future artwork.

By recreating faux industrial architecture from new materials like MDF I create theatrical facsimiles of the past. This process gives the sculptures a context rooted in the historical, exciting the imagination of what they could have been or why they are there. Across the world historical stories and lessons exist as folklore and fable connecting communities. These stories are perpetuated by relics of another time, lost tunnel entrances or segments of architecture that now serve to entice the imagination.