Architectural / Monumental / Relief

Installation / Land / Site-specific







Alex and Emma are fascinated with ancient methods of making but using todays Technology materials and processes to realise them. While looking at the past with a futuristic twist it sometimes simply boils down to playing with traditional concepts of form, line, texture and repetition.

Both accomplished sculptors the artist duo have combined their practices to create large scale projects and structures. Their vision and shared aesthetic is to realise ambitious projects and artworks. With their high ambitions and striving for excellence in making there is no limit to the projects they will realise.    

Inspired by the monumental building methods of the industrial age Alex and Emma employ the shapes and forms that were prevalent in the 19th century. Drawing attention and focusing on the detail that is so often overlooked as more than just functional form but work of exquisite purpose and creating a historical aesthetic within contemporary art.
Through their practice they attempt to draw attention to the dramatic changes in travel, infrastructure, industry and the built environment that reflects the pioneering skills and attitudes of those inventors and entrepreneurs.