Sculpture by Nadin Senft MRSS

Nadin Senft MRSS is a retired member of the Royal Society of Sculptors to which she was elected in 1980. Nadin was born in London and studied design at Leicester College of Art. She spent some years in industry, returning to sculpture when she received a diploma in Fine Art (Sculpture) from City & Guilds of London Art School.

"Much of my work is concerned with the abstraction of form from basic structural principles and organic origins. Many themes make reference to the human body and wildlife while others represent abstract concepts rooted in religion, history and the human psyche. I enjoy working in a variety of materials and on varying scales and am now inclined to work in the widest range of media available to me, with an increasing interest  to combine these materials to add further dimensions to the work."

Nadin Senft MRSS, 2000