Halima Cassell FRSS standing by her Preston Campus commission

University of Central Lancashire’ Preston Campus

As part of the University of Central Lancashire’s (UCLan) project to enhance the public realm at University Square in the Preston Campus, Halima Cassell FRSS was commissioned to design a series of applied ‘Industrial Art’ works based on her enduring interest in 3D tiling repeat patterns.

Halima worked closely with IP Surfaces, a specialist in innovative bespoke multi-material surface finish options for both private and public realm projects, to make her artistic vision a reality.

In Halima's Studio

From the early stages, the creative process in the studio involved a dialogue between the artist Halima Cassell FRSS and IP Surfaces.

About Halima Cassell FRSS

Combining strong geometric elements with recurrent patterns and architectural principles, Halima’s work utilises definite lines and dramatic angles in an attempt to manifest the universal language of number and create an unsettling sense of movement. 

The image selection below shows the collaboration process between Halima and the team at IP Surfaces.

Halima Cassell FRSS working in the studio

Halima Cassell FRSS working in the studio

The Production Process at IP Surfaces

The material used for the patterned walling was Kobra and Crystal Black granites with a combination of flamed, honed and polished waterjet-cut elements which gave a really striking contrast and dramatic aesthetic to the finished wall. For the Royal White granite benches IP Surfaces used their 5-Axis CNC using a router tool and then had stone masons finishing it off using manual hand cutters before it went into a sandblasting container to remove any saw marks. IP Surfaces went through many surface-embellishment processes to arrive at these finishes which, in collaboration with Halima, became a proven triumph for what can be made possible when vision becomes a reality.

The image selection below showcases the facilities at IP Surfaces during the production of the artwork that would ultimately be installed at University Square.

Production Process at IP Surfaces

Production Process at IP Surfaces

The commission completed

The process of collaboration between the artist and IP Surfaces' team enabled Halima's vision of a 'hand carved appearance’ for the benches in particular with incredible attention to the surface shape, texture and finish.

The image selection below shows University Square once the commission was finalised in 2021.

Halima Cassell FRSS - Preston Campus

Halima Cassell FRSS - Preston Campus