Residency at Milwyn for Royal Academy Schools graduate

Charlie Fegan is the first ever winner of an exciting new award providing aspiring young sculptors the opportunity to pursue their artistic ambitions.

The Royal Society of Sculptors Bronze Award offers a student graduating from the Royal Academy Schools a 3 to 6 month residency at Milwyn Casting, a Fine Art Foundry based in Leatherhead, along with up to £3000 of materials.

The winner was selected by the Royal Academy’s Keeper, Rebecca Salter, along with Royal Society of Sculptors' President Clare Burnett and Alex Davies, the founder of Milwyn Casting. They made their decision following a tour of the Royal Academy Schools Show 2018 at the Royal Academy of Arts students final Year show (Wednesday 6 June 2018).

Caroline Worthington, Director of the Royal Society of Sculptors says,  "The Royal Society of Sculptors was established more than 100 years ago to advocate sculpture and the artists who created it – so supporting and encouraging new talent in the field is hugely important to us and why we’re so pleased to be able to create this award."

Eliza Bonham Carter, Curator & Head of the Royal Academy Schools says, "In Charlie Fegan’s work we find moving image, sculpture, digital images and altered environments put to work to reframe historical events and visual records. The opportunity to spend time with expert technical support and a materials allowance offered by Milwyn will allow Charlie Fegan the opportunity to develop new work in, what is for him,  a previously untried material."

Alex Davies, Founder of Milwyn Casting, added, "This is an exciting opportunity for Milwyn to build a relationship with an up-and-coming contemporary artist. We look forward to Charlie joining us at the foundry and pushing the boundaries of what a traditional art foundry can produce."