Surprising Spheres

Many contemporary artists choose to put aside traditional sculptural materials and instead utilize objects and materials designed for a different purpose. Chocolate, human hair, cutlery, shells - there is no end to the kinds of objects and materials that can be re-purposed and used as an Art material. Such materials might be chosen or collected for their physical properties, but also for their symbolic, narrative or functional associations.

This resource is designed to encourage a curiosity towards the collection of unusual materials, as well as a playful approach to construction. Through this project you will collect and then combine materials in inventive ways to create a group of ‘Surprising Spheres’. It is a good idea to put aside plenty of time for the collection of materials, and then spend only a limited time constructing each sphere (try 15 minutes on each one) so that you can build up momentum and generate ideas without too much over-thinking.

Download Surprising Spheres Learning Resource

A red apple with nails stuck in it next to a white pebble wrapped in cord