This activity is inspired by the work of Royal Society of Sculptors Fellows Andrea Geile FRSS and Diane Maclean FRSS.

Steel has been a popular sculpting material in the last 100 years due to its malleability, durability and relative affordability. It is ideally suited for large-scale work, and is available in flat sheets (known as plates), wire or in bars, rods, tubes, and pipes.

Although steel can be tricky to work with on a small-scale at home, aluminium is an excellent substitute and is pliable enough to bend and shape without specialist equipment. This resource shows you how to create expressive word sculptures using aluminium wire. By bending one continuous length of wire, you will spell out words to create intriguing three-dimensional line drawings. It is also possible to use paint, straws, tape or coloured threads to add colour and definition to your wire words.

Download Wire Words Learning Resource

Wire Words