Award Winner

Yambe Tam

About Yambe Tam

Yambe Tam is an Asian-American artist based in London. She holds an MA from the Royal College of Art, and BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art. Recent exhibitions include the solo show ‘Cosmic Garden’ at Attenborough Arts Centre, and group exhibitions ‘Uncertain Data’ at FACT Liverpool as part of the Jerwood Arts/FACT Digital Fellowship, and ‘Entanglements in Time’ at Lewisham Art Centre.

Yambe builds virtual and physical spaces that reveal invisible or speculative realities otherwise inaccessible to human beings. She creates immersive worlds where science, spirituality, and visionary thinking merge to form playful, contemplative experiences. These take form most commonly through sculptures, sound installations, and virtual reality video games. Her research is directed towards sensory perception and consciousness, and the works invite audiences to embody other ways of inhabiting, experiencing, and engaging with reality. Influenced by the philosophies and ritual practices of Shinto and Zen Buddhism, she makes connections between deep ecology, cosmology, and themes of evolution in biology and consciousness. She offers slow and ambient art as an alternative to narrative-driven, fast-paced ways of living. She hopes her work serves audiences to point out healthier ways of being and co-existing with technology.