Award Winner

Veronika Neukirch

About Veronika Neukirch

Originally from Germany, Veronika Neukirch @veronika_neukirch has been based in London
since 2005. In 2019 she graduated from the Royal College of Art (MA Sculpture) and was the
recipient of the Gilbert Bayes Trust Sculpture Award. Neukirch completed her BA in Fine Art at
Central Saint Martins (2013) and briefly studied at University of the Arts UdK Berlin. She has
exhibited and taken part in artist residencies in the UK, Europe and Southeast Asia, including
Void-scaping, Unit 1 Solo Residency & Exhibition (2021), Recreational Ground V (2021), the
Mark Tanner Graduate Residency (2020) at Standpoint Gallery, Contact curated by Thorp &
Stavri (2020), The Haptic/The Virtual curated by Conscious Isolation (2020). This year, she was
awarded the Eaton Fund and the Zsuzsi Roboz Trust Scholarship 2021/2022.

Increasingly site-responsive and with a focus on investigating our strangely intertwined
relationship with objects, matter and the spaces we inhabit, the work aims to inspire an overspill
of human compassion onto the inanimate.

Constantly evolving materials and found objects come together in mixed media sculpture and
object-based installation. Neukirch's playful improvisation extends through the entire making
process up until installation and display. Humble unassuming domestic objects inspire quirky
display methods that reassign functionality in the art context.

The objects are abstract yet bodily and become quasi-sentient beings by channelling human
physiognomies, poses, emotions and attitudes within a playful cartoon logic. Like humorous
avatars they act as therapeutically joyful alter egos in an absurd world.