Award Winner

Sasha Tishkov

About Sasha Tishkov

Sasha Tishkov is an Estonian-born artist of Russian ancestry, currently living and working in London. Sasha's practice is driven by the interest in the natural world, in invisible processes that inter-connect and form us into greater ecosystems. 

Worldmaking is a way for them to reflect upon the complexity of these systems. Often, by creating an uncanny setting, Sasha incorporate brittle materials such as clay, soil, sand, wax, moss and living plants, which give an environment a sense of precariousness, yet the state of autonomy. There, we can observe the evolution of the physical aspect of artworks, as they grow, disintegrate, crumble and overtake space. In this unsettled realm, in-between dream-like state and post-planetary dystopia, echoes the eco emergency of today.