About Catriona Robertson

Catriona Robertson is a Scottish / British artist living and working in London. She graduated from Central Saint Martins, BA Fine Art and the Royal ColIege of Art MA Sculpture in 2019. Catriona has recently won Second Prize, UK New Artist of the Year Award 2021 with an exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery, supported by Robert Walters Group. She was also awarded a Studio Prize by SET Studios in Woolwich and a solo exhibition.

Catriona works in sculpture, installation and printmaking with a material led process, using recycled materials and collected detritus to make site responsive work. She is conscious of the afterlife of a material and its effect on the environment, researching urban geology, the Anthropocene and climate change imagining what future synthetic sediment is being created with plastic, toxic chemicals, domestic and construction site waste being absorbed into the ground, buried and eroded over time. What deep time imprints are we creating with layers of landfill, concrete and toxic chemicals in the age of the anthropocene? What can we do to resolve the issue of industrial, construction and domestic waste and turn it into something useful? With a growing population and higher demand for food production that cannot be met by current industrial agricultural practices that disrupt natural eco-systems and biodiversity, we need an urgent shift in our lifestyles and attitude towards waste to see it not as something to bury or burn but as a solution for valuable resources. Humans need to become a part of the ecology and not destroy it by interacting in cohesion to build a better and more efficient future.