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Yunus Haider MRSS

Yunus Haider works in Norfolk. His love for the countryside is reflected in his sculptures which consist mainly of bronzes, other metals and ceramics set in the landscape.
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East of England

Significant influences in Yunus’s work have been his childhood years in India high up in the Himalayan Mountains where there were only mountains, rocks and rivers crashing down.  The natural colours of rocks and sand with spuming white water and sun bleached tree trunks are reflected in his work.  The craggy rocks in particular can be found back in the textures of his sculptures.

Further influences come from naturally occurring shapes found in the ground, such as flints and animal bones left by predation and starvation.  A natural affinity for metal is demonstrated in his bronzes such as Columns and Moons.

Lately Yunus has experimented with ceramics and used this medium to create fountains and large sculpture.