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Tony Blackmore MRSS

Tony Blackmore is an artist, art-writer and curator based in London who specialises in geometric drawings and creates wall-based reliefs with polyester film.
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Since graduating from an MA in 2013, Blackmore’s work has focused on his ‘Paperfolds’; a body of work each created from a hand-folded single sheet of polyester film.

With an interest in physics and geometry, each Paperfold begins with drawing a systems-based moiré or constructive interference pattern. Blackmore places the polyester film over this pattern scoring deep lines on both sides of the film. Each line is then meticulously hand-folded. After mentally and physically demanding sessions, patience is rewarded when the film is pushed and nurtured into its final form.

Blackmore's deliberate use of white monochrome enables the viewer to focus on an image that is created by the way light and shadow is cast onto each faceted surface. The matte translucent quality of the film creates illusions of shapes that appear to shift in tone and depth. These illusions are further heightened with the movement of the viewer.