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Hanqing Mona MRSS

Hanqing Ma (b.1990) and Mona Yoo (b.1987) are artist duo and visual researcher. Respectively, they collaborate to make image-based installations in relation to sites of architectural and cultural interest.
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Architectural / Monumental / Relief
Digital / Light / Sound
Installation / Land / Site-specific
Found Objects
Metal (other)
Mixed media

Hanqing & Mona are a UK-based artist duo and visual researchers whose practices emerge out of photography, sculpture and then progressed towards site-specific installations. Frequently travelling between the UK and East Asian countries, they developed a growing interest in cultural and spatial concerns with architecture and historic remains in the global context.

Their practice regards architecture as a reflection of culture, social structure and history; the patina of buildings, natural erosion and human remnants at a site deliver poetic sensations, as well as complex spatial characteristics to be interrogated. Inspired by historic images and blueprints, they rearrange and reconfigure found objects and photographs grasped from urban living into indoor gallery space to create close and atypical scenery.

They were selected as a finalist of Gilbert Bayes Award(UK), OCI Young Creatives(KR), and Bloomberg New Contemporary(UK). Their works have been internationally exhibited at including Institute of Contemporary Art (UK), Camden Art Centre (UK), Talbot Rice Gallery (UK), OCI Museum of Art (KR), JCC Art centre (KR), Red Gate Gallery (CN), Photo London(UK) Athen Photo (GR), and Deauville Photo (France). They have also participated in artist residency programmes in Deauville (France), New York (USA), Seoul(KR) Beijing (CN), and Niigata (JP). Hanqing and Mona both graduated from the Royal College of Art in London.