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Hanneke Beaumont MRSS

Hanneke Beaumont - sculptures of Man in the broader sense.

Hanneke Beaumont is “very much a clay person”, a persuasion apparent in the bold way the sculptor models her forms, leaving their surfaces rough and unrefined. Beaumont’s sculptures represent ‘Man’ in the broader sense, she addresses issues of the human condition. Neither male nor female, neither young nor old, they do not appear as portraits of particular individuals, nor are they modeled after idealized human forms. Physically, they are approximations of human beings, and as such, they provide a way to consider, from a distance, general ideas about the nature of the human race.

Beaumont has been present on the art scene since 1983 when she had her first solo exhibition.  In 1994, she was awarded, for her terracotta sculpture group “Le Courage”, the major award of the Centre International d’Art Contemporain, Château Beychevelle. Shortly after, she participated in the second Exposiciòn Internacional de Esculturas en la Calle, in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, where her work was permanently installed. Since then, her work has traveled worldwide and has been installed in numerous collections.

Beaumont’s sculptures are realized in Terracotta, Bronze and Cast iron. She works in Brussels and in Pietrasanta, Italy.