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Cheryl Papasian MRSS

Cheryl Papasian is a sculptor based in London working with bronze, plaster and plastic. Interested in materials and the artificial, her installations and sculptures explore the closing gap between high and low culture.
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Installation / Land / Site-specific
Found Objects

Cheryl Papasian is concerned with surfaces in sculpture and inconsistences in the values of materials. Her installations combine synthetic and traditional materials that seek to question the materiality of consumer products and art objects. Ideas of artificiality, luxury and the closing gap between high and low culture are crucial to Cheryl’s practice. She is also interested in finishes that imitate gold or bronze but are actually plastic, wood or plaster.

Her recent sculptures are influenced by the Japanese Zen gardens she saw in Kyoto. Her use of gold surfaces hints at luxury, money and hoarding possessions. As well as large-scale installations, Cheryl creates smaller works, combining found objects and handcrafted pieces concentrating on metallic or shimmering surfaces, faux luxury materials and the use of synthetics. Cheryl received an MA Fine Arts from Chelsea College of Art in 2013. She has worked and exhibited in London, Tokyo, New York, Glasgow, and Paris.