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The Prize is Still Mine

24 hours

Open Gorey, Circle Pavillion, The Avenue,


The Prize is Still Mine is a sound installation that is part of the SLEEPERTOWN exhibition for Open Gorey, curated by Richard Carr in Ireland. Six artist (groups) were chosen to make sound works that are activated when the viewer enters a geo-fence throughout the city. They can hear the pieces on their phones. The Prize Is Still Mine features a libretto by Petry and a score composed by John Powell, will be located at the Circe Pavilion.  The work evolved from a 2012 sound work made by Petry, Powell and Gavin Greenaway as a 25th anniversary sound installation for Petry’s solo exhibition ‘The Touch of the Oracle’ at the Palm Springs Art Museum. Powell has now reworked for Gospel Choir and Orchestra the piece incorporating the wonderful voices of Judith Hill, Edie Lehmann, Philharmonia Orchestra, and LA Gospel Session Singers.


The work features as the opening to Powell’s album Hubris: Vocal Works by John Powell and can be heard here on Spotify


The Prize is still Mine