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Richard Gant MRSS

Drawing and Sculpture play integral roles in my work. Landscape as both site and concept are realised in both traditional and contemporary making processes.
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Mixed media
North West

Former professional in Higher Arts Education to PhD level my experience in both contextual and practical research has been engaged internationally by both exhibition and publication.
Enriched by fully my sponsored doctoral sculptural field research in the Petroleum industry I render transferable extensive knowledge and professionalism explored within the joint fields of art and science. These include peer reviewed business models of art and motivation, placement activity and sculptural site installation. I have exhibited with major International artists and have received commissions from institutions including Tate Liverpool.
My sculpture encompasses a wide range of materials and processes. Often working from drawing to maquette, ideas have both public/field sitings and gallery realisations. Contextual international drawing publications form an important part of this process.
Current work references cliffscapes toward public art. These almost architectural structures may be viewed as permanent contemporary "pier" and beach based pieces.
Although based in N. Wales my ever expanding portfolio of drawings are currently derived from my birth-homeland fenscapes and cliffscapes of Norfolk, that have become integral to my working progression as a now a full time artist/educator practitioner.