Sculpture across the generations

Using art and the creative process, this project connected elderly people from Ellesemere House Care Home (including those with dementia) with pupils of Servite RC Primary School.

Together the groups took part in a stimulating and meaningful art activity. The aim was to create an inclusive platform for experiential, enthusiastic learning to enable positive connections to be forged between old and young, whilst enhancing health, happiness and personal development.

The arts have been recognised by Public Health England as beneficial to health and wellbeing, whilst social interaction is essential to limit the loneliness and isolation increasingly faced by older people. This project was inspired by Channel 4’s 'Old People’s Home for 4 Year Olds’ which demonstrated the life-changing impact of connecting the old and young.

The ultimate aim of this activity was to break down barriers between the generations through art, to reduce isolation and improve wellbeing. Children had an opportunity to learn about old age and improve their communication skills.

Extraordinary friendships were formed and the project brought joy and laughter to everyone involved. The elderly participants looked forward to seeing their 'little friends' and their levels of concentration increased. Overall, the project created a stronger sense of community. The film below is a beautiful insight into the artistic activities and the friendships created. 

The connection between the school and care home will continue. Ideas include having the more able care home residents read with the children as well as regular invites for residents to attend school art shows and assemblies. Similarly the care home will involve the school in more of its events and will enable the new friendships to flourish.

With warm thanks to the Postcode Community Lottery for their support.

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Film credit: Felix von Stumm for Orpheus Films

Sculpture Across the Generations
Sculpture Across the Generations
Sculpture Across the Generations