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The Clinker Connection - When Humans Changed Nature

closed on Fridays

Chelmsford Museum, Moulsham Street, Chelmsford Cm2 9AQ


Billie Bond, recently elected a member of the Royal Society of Sculptors, will be presenting a solo exhibition of work inspired by the material clinker – a stony residue from industrial processes and over baked (vitrified) bricks.

This seemingly non-descript material played an important part in the growth of towns and cities. As a sculptural material Billie sees clinker as a gnarly golden nugget of history with connotations that will inform her installation.

The Clinker Connection questions our relationship with the overlooked and forgotten by reimagining its significance to us now. 

The work created for this exhibition, questions ideas of consumerism through industrial ancestry. Paint covered ceramic vessels consider the impacts on society and the environment. Gilded Clinker growths oozing from figurative portraits questions the idea that with progression, there is also regression.

“I hope to challenge peoples perception of the material clinker and to look beyond the idea of it being insignificant’