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Vanessa da Silva GBA

Vanessa da Silva was born in São Paulo, Brazil, she lives and works in London.
She holds an MA Painting from the Royal College of Art, London, and a BFA in Product Design from FAAP, Faculty of Fine Art, São Paulo, Brazil.
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Mixed media

Da Silva's interdisciplinary process-based practice combines sculpture, installation and performance focusing on issues of formation of identity, migration and displacement. Through the weaving of the personal and the political da Silva is interested to investigate the overlaying and fusion of histories and cultures that builds oneself. 

The reality of growing up in São Paulo and moving to London in the early 2000s inform da Silva's practice, she reflects upon her own lived experiences as a Latin American immigrant in Europe to reconstruct her own consciousness of Brazilian identity and otherness – da Silva is interested in the space between nationalities and the complicated borders where identities/ cultures mix and meet, where divergent and conflicting ideas cohabit.

In 2020 she was the recipient of The Hopper Prize Award (USA) and the Gilbert Bayes Award (London) , in 2017 she was selected by Richard Wentworth for the Almacantar Studio Grant (London) and she was awarded the Fall Residency Program at Ox-Bow (USA).

Selected exhibitions: Salón Acme, Mexico City (2020), Muamba Grove, Galeria Duarte Sequeira, Portugal (2019), Vertical Zen, Hospitalfield, Scotland (2019), This Future is Unthinkable, Yet We Are Thinking It, Damien and the Love Guru, Brussels (2019), Dominó, Casa da Luz, São Paulo (2019), Antifacismo Tropical, curated by Pablo Léon de la Barra, White Cubicle at The Queen Adelaide (London), Artworks Open curated by Tai Shani and Emma Talbot, Barbican Arts Trust, London (2018), ARCO Lisbon, curated by João Laia (2018), I Am He As You Are She As You Are Me, curated by Kiki Mazzucchelli, House of Egorn, Berlin (2018), That Same Far Place, Chezkit, Pantin (2018), Stranger than Paradise, StudioRCA Riverlight, London (2017), Herland, Bosse & Baum, London (2017), Seamless Territories, Blyth Gallery, London (2017), With Institutions Like This…, curated by Victor Wang and Alex Meurice, The Averard Hotel, London (2016).