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Tim Ellis MRSS

Tim Ellis produces three-dimensional sculptural collages, using a range of historical sources, found objects, techniques and materials. The totemic appearance and utilitarian finish to the sculptures harks back to another time, reminiscent of relics from a long forgotten society.
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Architectural / Monumental / Relief
Installation / Land / Site-specific
Found Objects
Metal (other)
Mixed media

Ellis' practice examines the different ways in which cultural languages can be interpreted, using a wide range of materials and processes. In accord with his artistic interest and ritual, the sculptures are constructed and sculpted from reclaimed man-made fragments from a variety of environments. Grazed and ocean-worn forms, deposited on the shores of the UK, are juxtaposed against debris collected from the city and architectural elements sourced from reclamation yards. These found forms are distilled and reconstructed to create totemic objects that could potentially serve or offer a purpose.

Archetypal elements appear at the fore, for example the formalist principles of modernism reflected in colour, geometry and pattern, but re-examined in the context of science, trade, mythology and architecture. The sculptures he produces strive to make sense of their environment and their titles appear to offer explanations to enlighten and explain. The objects appear as redundant experiments or fragments lost in time, which become symbolic totems for a quest to make sense of one’s existence and surrounding environment.

For more information please contact the artist directly to arrange a studio visit, consultation or commission. Installation views, recent projects and a detailed biography can be found on his website: www.timellis.org