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Suzanne O'Haire MRSS

London born | Brighton based
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Found Objects
Mixed media
South East

I create domestic-scale assemblages out of everyday discarded junk and castings from disposed packaging. Arrangements of acrobatically stacked, bundled or tentatively balanced forms emerge from impermanent matter, becoming almost magical in their elements. No conscious value system breaks down why I choose what I do - I‘d prefer to believe that what I find, or what finds me, plays with notions of luck and chance.

Objects are usually those that are easily shoved into my bag or pockets: deflated balloons, glittery surfaces, squished play balls, smashed wing-mirrors, tangled fishing wire, crinkled wrappers, fractured bike reflectors and clumps of tarmac - it’s this kind of stuff that makes me tick. I see this habitual urge to collect as a way of filtering an external, over-stimulated and saturated world internally, or at times endeavouring to make sense of the chaos, these days increasingly so.