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Sol Bailey-Barker MRBS (b 1987) is a British multi-disciplinary artist working primarily with sculpture, sound and performance. Fascinated by the development of technologies that were for millennia seen as shamanic for their transformative power upon the landscape and their influence over life and death, Bailey-Barker's practice follows this journey of body-hacking and augmentation from the ancient sacred axe to contemporary prosthetics and machinery. Bailey-Barker's abstract sculptures draw from symbolism and objects he studies, using materials associated with both agriculture and industry to provoke an association between the industrial born from technological development and its ancient spiritual origins. Drawing on the sound of rhythmic heavy machinery and sacred bells, Bailey-Barker's sculptures double as ritual instruments, the installation becoming a temple both revering and questioning human endeavour and where it has brought us to now.
Mixed media
Metal (other)
Sol Bailey-Barker studied Performance and Visual Art at Brighton Faculty of The Arts. His recent exhibitions include ARE WE ALONE? Platform Projects 2018,Espacios concretos Galeria Impakto in Lima, Peru 2017. The perpetuity of ruin at FieldWorks, From Myth To Earth (funded by the Arts Council England) and Wyrd Then : Weird Now at The Koppel Project in London. In 2016 Bailey-Barker was invited to exhibit his monumental sculptures Forms Shaped Through Time in Holborn Circus (City of London). Bailey-Barker’s works are in both private and public collections including Riverhill Himalayan Sculpture Garden (Kent).
In 2017 He was selected for the RBS hex residency in munich and will be artist in residence at galeria impakto (Peru); in 2016 he was artist in residence at the OUTSET residency in Tel Aviv, in 2014 he was in residence at Lugar a Dudas in Cali, Colombia and Portico Di Romagna in Italy. He was awarded the ashurst emerging artist prize for sculpture in 2017,; shortlisted for the Brian Mercer Award in 2016 and selected for the first National Sculpture Symposium in 2014.
Bailey-Barker’s work has been featured in Phoenix Magazine, FAD, Avenir Magazine, After Nyne, This Is Tomorrow, Nomadic Press, Pocko, Guardian and recently in a documentary about his exhibition From Myth To Earth produced by Tariq Ali for TeleSur.