Our Sculptors

Shelley James MRSS

I am a glass artist and a qualified electrician. I am fascinated by the everyday magic of light and materials and how the eye tricks the brain. I work with scientists and other artists from many different disciplines to create installations that test our perception of what is real and what is not.
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Digital / Light / Sound
South West

I trained in textiles in Paris before working in branding and packaging design for international companies including Visa, Shell and Sony Ericsson. I started to wonder about how tiny changes in texture, colour and shape could have such a dramatic impact on our experience of an object and went back to college to study printmaking, I started to play with optical illusions in glass, thanks to some incredibly talented and generous technicians. This led to a PhD  from the Royal College of Art and a thriving practice at the intersection between art and science.  I wanted to use light in my work but could not find anyone to help me. So I went back to college again and trained as an electrician. I now teach and help other artists like me to light their work. I still make my own work too -currently playing with light and sound with an x-ray crystallographer and a glass blowing team in Sweden.